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A new urban morpheme on the hill is replacing the existing apartment buildings. It is founded on a regular linear grid pattern that follows the two basic axes of the surrounding, laid out on the slope and distorted by the topography. Its outlines are “manipulated” by the surrounding street scape, creating small urban spaces at the intersection of old and new textures.  

The mass offsets from the topography, it is sculptured by the slope.

Wide, inclined open spaces are cutting the dense building mass vertically, into 4 compact urban “islands”.

The central void - the "square", at the turning point of the two axes is the gravity center of this urban structure. It leads, like a stone stream, on continuous platforms from the mosque to the shore, incorporating trees, an Ottoman fountain, and remnants of old retaining walls.

Parallel to the slope, the mass is intersected by continuous crooked sokaks, and perpendicular,  by narrow vertical gaps. 

The urban "islands" are composed of and are further divided into smaller terraced  “blocks” comprised of vertical autonomous units, in various combinations,  around common and private courtyards.

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