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Creative nature leisure park  in the mountains of Vitsi, GR  2007

Commissioned by the  Municipality of Vitsi Kastoria, GR

Team:   K.Gyftopoulou, D. Figa

Every old village in Greece has a spot like this: A clearing, with the shadow of large old trees, or a plane with a beautiful view, water from an old well and a small chapel-a place for festive days with clear weather, a bit distant but still close to the village.

The project concerns a piece of nature like this; it lies in the mountains of Vitsi in the North of Greece, close to the small traditional village of Sidirochori. We were asked to transform and activate this site with organized playing, sports and recreation facilities that would attract inhabitants as well as tourists.

The special moments of this place (spring, plateau with a chapel, a grove, a sycamore, smooth slope, small rocks, viewpoint... ) became themes in our design- events that coincide with  small pointed interventions:  a triangular wooden shelter with a view to the lake, a wooden step path on the slope, seating under the big plane tree, ball game with one goal on a small, artificial plateau, climbing stilts on the slope, a swing, looking to the valley...

We tried not to interfere but rather to accentuate and emphasize the existing; to make all insertions inconspicuous and, if possible, reversible - using natural, soft and aging materials that become part of the landscape and get absorbed by it. 

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