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   TOWNHALL IN IOANNINA,   GR       2006

Architectural competition. Author: D.Figa

In this competition, it was the site - a former open-air market place in the historical city of Ioannina- that imposed its very special conditions on our proposal. The extreme elevation difference at its two sides, the remains of lush vegetation and the old cypresses at its borders, its location next to historical structures of different scale and period, the splendid view, finally, to the mountains of Epirus.

We had to respond to these conditions and the resulting effects on accessibility, organization, and presence of the Townhall, fulfilling at the same time the requirements of a tough and complicated space program.

We proposed a compact building at the lower part of the land; a structure, broken up into different segments, that form and shape a complete, closed volume. Our aim was to create an emblematic building with a strong presence and character,  introverted and open at the same time.


This concept is expressed through a double access, an internal passage through the Townhall:  via a bridge- platform, passing over an overgrown escarpment, the visitor enters the second floor; crossing a covered atrium he is lead to all levels and sub-areas of the building, and finally to the exit,  at the lower part of the site.

In front of him, over and across the building, the view opens up to the clouds and the surrounding mountains of Ioannina.

The closed outline of the volume is broken up in the east, corresponding to the existing small ottoman stone structures. The event hall at this point should remind to a cliff. Its roof,  similar to a rock plateau, provides access to the second floor of the northern segment of the building.

The facades, as well as the floor of the atrium, are covered with large gray slate tiles from the surrounding mountains, a characteristic, traditional building material for this area.

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