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HOUSE AT THE SEA. Olympiada, GR 2009

The house is located at the foothills of the mountains of Chalkidiki, near the sea village of Olympiada.

The plot is slightly raised and lies on a bustling road, facing the sea to the north, from a distance.

The client wished to have a classic, white, cubic modernist villa with large horizontal openings; a swimming pool should extend visually the interior, looking towards the sea.

The regulations determined a footprint of just 100 sq.m for the building,  a pitched roof and a maximum height of 4 m.

The design tried to respond to these, contradictory requirements working with a long and narrow white prism on a stone base.  The pent roof is boxed in this prism. The house opens up to both directions- to the mountains at the south and the sea at the north, allowing light and sun to fill the interior.

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