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Glienicke Potsdam, DE 2013 

restricted urban and landscape design ompetition. Team: D.Figa, K.Katsika (Landscape)

The competition refers to the redevelopment of the core of the old agricultural village of Glienicke, near Potsdam at the edge of Berlin, and its connection to the surrounding nature.

Our proposal redesigns the core of the village as an elongated piazza made of stone,  that embraces the natural lake, edged and framed with a continuous wooden belt.

The old brick church is the center of gravity in this extended urban space, the old birch allee at the south is its border.

A  Landscape park linked to this allee connects the settlement with the open nature. Artificial dikes/smooth hills and small thematic pavilions that refer to flora and fauna of Potsdam at the crossings of the pathways are shaping this romantic park,  materializing in this way the transition from the cultivated to the natural landscape.

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