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Ιnvited architectural competition. With H.W Dreckhoff  Düsseldorf

4th prize

The competition asked to explore the options for the functional enhancement of the old Caritas Clinic of Pankow in Berlin.

The historic Clinic, built at the beginning of the 20th century in Wilhelminian style inside a large landscape garden,  consists of the main, long horizontal tract and a smaller, separated administration building at its western side.


In our proposal, the new building complex is conceived as an architectural extension-addition to the historical structure,  that remains the central point of the arrangement.

The space program is distributed in three long volumes/ units, organized around closed atriums, at the west of the main historic building and in connection to it.

The new wings are accessed from the central square in front of it.  The entrance is a covered atrium at its right, formed by the historic structure of the administration and the new addition; it is acting as a gap, separating and linking at the same time, "old" and "new" .

At the right, a new building, corresponding in size, proportions, and height with the historical administration, aims to "restore" and complete the symmetrical composition of park and historical building ensemble.


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