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Archaeological Park in Avgi, 2008

commissioned by the city of Argos Orestiko

Team: E.Tiktapanidou,  D. Figa, Architects,  Dr. G. Stratouli Archaeologist

The recent archaeological excavation works in the fields of Avgi- a small village near Kastoria in Northern Greece-  brought to light a significant Neolithic settlement.

Required was a concept for the necessary infrastructure: Workspaces, equipment and storage rooms for the archaeologists, protective structures for the sensible excavation finds (retaining walls and excavation shelter), visitor walkways, information,  documentation and exhibition facilities.

We consider the excavation as part of the surrounding landscape, as an important node within a network of important places, but also as an "avatar" of the nearby, today's settlement, the village of Avgi.
Our proposal envisaged the splitting of the functions of a "visitor center" into a network of small units, at the borders of the excavation area, merging and interacting with the landscape.  

The small structures (closed, semi-open buildings or merely covered platforms) are stations on a walk through the excavation site. Wooden pedestrian walkways are leading into the actual fund areal.

Our aim was to combine the experience of archeology -the finds, as well as the whole process of the excavation- with the experience of the surrounding landscape.

Parallel to the envisaged activation of the excavation,  further measures in the village, like renovations and reuse of the old mud houses, new paving and other small punctual interventions, attempt to create a  reciprocal connection of the new settlement with its Neolithic ancestor.

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